Dessert in Sukhumvit, Bangkok…After you!

You know sometimes after dinner, you are stuffed, but somehow you just want a little something sweet?  I get this all the time.  Whilst many Thai savoury dishes are world famous the same cannot be said of traditional Thai desserts!  If you’re hankering for something sweet, an all night dessert café might be just what you’re looking for!

We were taken to After you dessert cafe in J Avenue Thonglor, Bangkok by friends.  These dessert only cafes are becoming more and more popular, however this is the first late night one I’ve come across – what a great idea!  I’d love to see this at 2am in central London, the usual drunk revellers queuing up and slurring their orders over the neat glass counter; chocolate banana shake and vanilla cheesecake take away please!

This place was packed with twenty-somethings getting a cakey treat or homemade ice-cream shake.  We ordered at the counter and took a number.  As with a lot of cafés, you could  help-yourself to free iced tea whilst you wait for your blood sugar rush to arrive!  Here’s what we ordered:


Shibuya honey toast (above) is a phenomenon from Japan and can be found everywhere in Thailand.  It kind of looks like a small square loaf of bread surrounded by cream, ice cream and a host of other toppings.  I’m reliably informed it’s ‘a cross between sponge and bread’, which to me doesn’t sound too tempting, however it disappeared at such speed that I can only conclude it must be good!

Banana Nutella crepe cake (below)- made from individual crepes which are then stacked with fillings in between!  This option had a thick layer of bananas and banana crème, sandwiched between fresh cream and crepes, and drizzled with warm Nutella! 


Blueberry Cheesecake – The usual baked variety with biscuit base below, then vanilla cheesecake and topped with a layer of blueberry compote.

Strawberry fresh cream cake (pictured in the background of Shibuya Toast) Was a gateaux with white chocolate mouse and fresh strawberries.  This one beat everyone and was declared too sweet!

There are branches of this café all over Bangkok, check out the website for location details! 

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