Chiang Dao cave bar

So you know all about the main Chiang Dao cave. And the temple with 500 steps which was also founded on a cave. But we found one more – Chiang Dao cave bar!

Next door to Chiang Dao Huts is The Cave bar – with a pool table! The pavement outside says it opened in January 2015 – and it’s the only bar in town. As well as the bar, this place has some rooms from 250 baht. The owner was a lovely lady who speaks English, and opens the bar from 5pm everyday. Amusements include darts, board games and dominoes, there was even complimentary popcorn! Mr Zero, the resident dog, is on hand to welcome punters and cause general mischief – watch for him being told off, his reaction is to keel over sideways and play dead! 

The main focus in the cave is on the pool table; either playing, or trying to work out what on earth the rules are!  It’s entertaining, and certainly popular with the locals – half the village was in here playing! Mr is always up for game, so he asked if he could join them. Usually, in Thailand, there’s a board somewhere and you just put your name up. Winner stays on, so you never know who you’re going to play, and it keeps it interesting. The pool rules differ from place to place, so check before you start playing!

In broken English a chap came over and enthusiastically gestured for Mr to join in. There were 4 others standing around the table with cues at the ready. We guessed this may not be a game Mr was familiar with! He picked a bottle cap out of hat, and it had a number on it, and each player had one. You didn’t want to let the others know what your number was, but the aim (we think) was to pot your ball. Sounds simple, right? But we ere obviously missing a few details which made it very confusing! So one guy was potting lots of balls, but not winning. He potted someone elses’ ball, which meant that person could not now win. BUT  all players kept playing anyway. Mr then potted someone elses’ ball, and as a result a mark went up on a board and he had to buy a round of beer. I’m really not sure how the whole thing worked, other than it involving a fair amount of beer. At the end there was quite a tally – good job it’s cheap! 

We met many characters from the village, and they seemed to appreciate Mr’s broken Thai conversation as well as his confused pool playing. He did better at straight pool, where the shoe was on the other foot as the locals kept potting the black during the course of the game! It was fun. I appreciate most people come to Chiang Dao for the natural beauty and peace, however in case anyone wants to stay up past 9pm, this is the only place to be! 

Chiang Dao Cave bar

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