Mango Tango!

Mango and sticky rice is possibly the most famous Thai dessert, and rightly so, but we’ve not seen a cafe dedicated solely to it, until now! One rainy night, we were driving down a side street in Nimmanhaemin, when we came across Mango Tango Chiang Mai. Like a fruity lighthouse, it’s mango-yellow light called out to us through the rain. So we stopped to investigate (in the name of research, obviously)!  

Mangos grow all year round in Thailand, and the tropical sunshine makes sure they are super sweet! This combination of zingy fruit and sweet coconutty rice go perfectly together – and we’ve long been firm fans! I was pretty happy with the traditional pudding, but there’s no harm in trying something new!

mango tango aloha

Mango Tango’s menu is, you guessed it, mango based. They have traditional sweet sticky rice and fresh mango, mango pudding, mango ice cream and tapioca pudding. Tapioca pudding is little pearls of tapioca in coconut milk, these pearls are used in traditional Thai desserts. They kinda look like frogs-spawn, but don’t be put off, they are yummy (they take on the taste of whatever they are in)! Tapioca is a root vegetable, so it’s gluten-free too!

I went for the aloha (see above)- fresh mango and mango sauce with tapioca in coconut milk. Mr went all out and had a platter (main photo) which included perfectly done sticky rice, fresh mango, mango pudding (a sort of jelly) and mango ice cream.  

You know I love a good pudding, possibly more than I should! I admit I may have an issue there, but as I say, you can’t be good at everything! Prices range from 79 baht – 300 baht. Mango Tango opening hours are 11:00 – 22:00, on Nimmanheamin Soi 11. So for those of you lacking in willpower, you now know when to avoid taking this route. 

If you want to make your own at home, try my sticky rice recipe or easy sago pudding recipe. Just grab a couple of ripe mangos, stone and slice them, and you’re all set!

Mango Tango!


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