From March 2015

Bakara Ramen, Bangkok

Ooh I love Japanese food. Maybe because we had a distinct lack of it where we lived previously, or maybe because we are staying in…

Pet friendly apartment, Bangkok

When travelling with a dog, your choice of accommodation is rather reduced. This isn’t all bad though – the one good thing about pet travel is that ticking the ‘pets allowed’ option definitely shortens the time it takes to select a hotel!

Second hand market in Chiang Mai

If you’re looking for a car boot or flea market in Chiang Mai, or maybe just something a bit different, then this weekend market might fit the bill! Every Saturday and Sunday Bumrungrad Road next to Princes College turns into a bustling second hand market.

Face masks please!

Well, Chiang Mai has another season apart from the traditional rainy, cool and hot ones you read about on travel sites. It starts sometimes between February…