Bakara Ramen, Bangkok

Ooh I love Japanese food. Maybe because we had a distinct lack of it where we lived previously, or maybe because we are staying in an area known for a Japanese ex-pat community, but I want Japanese all the time! As you know, Mr is not into sushi, but he loves noodles, so our friends took us to a tried and tested favourite of theirs, Bankara Ramen, Bangkok.

Bankara is a This place is a very popular ramen noodle restaurant which often is so busy there is a queue to park your car, let alone get a table! Consider booking a table if you plan on coming here. And not driving.

bakaka japanese restaurant Sukhumvit

We arrived a little early, which meant we had lots of time to kill as the rest of our party was arriving by car, and the traffic in Bangkok is legendary! So to pass the time, we ordered a few snacks! We tried the edamame (soybeans in shells) tori kara age (crispy fried chicken) and gyoza (Japanese dumplings) all of which were delicious.  By the time the others turned up, we were nearly full, so Mr and I decided to share one dish of noodles. Good job too as the portions are pretty generous! We opted for dipping noodles which came as a big bowl of udon noodles, sliced welsh (spring) onions a slice of roast pork and stewed pork belly (see the main picture). Served alongside it was a large bowl of sesame pork broth, which you can dip your noodles into or pour over. Others ordered noodles in ramen soup or thick and creamy soup, and stewed pork on rice (pictured below). All main dishes can be customised by adding various toppings to them, popular ones seem to be a half boiled egg!

Japanese noodles sukhumvit

Stuffed as we were, our friends insisted (yes, insisted, that’s how I remember it) on trying a pudding. So Mr opted for vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce (only because the strawberry came with ‘special sauce’ and I think  his imagination ran away with him a little bit) our friends had almond pudding. The almond pudding was a soft tofu, very light and wibbly, a bit like creamy angel delight (for those of you unfamiliar with this classic English staple, see here). It was served drizzled in an almond syrup which, although I don’t usually like almond flavour, was very nice!

To get to Bankara Ramen you can take the BTS (skytrain) Sukhumvit line to Phom Phrong. Exit north onto Sukhumvit Road and walk  in the direction of traffic to Soi 39. Bankara Ra-men is in a little shopping complex called The Manor, about 10 minutes (walking slowly) on the right hand side. It’s tucked away on the ground floor in the back left hand corner (a photo of the front of the restaurant is below). A new Japanese fried chicken place has just opened up in the front of the complex so you may see a big chicken with a mans’ head making the peace sign… 

Bakara Ra-Men Bangkok

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