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We recently visited friends in Bangkok and took the dog along too. It was Harro’s first time in BK, and being an urban dog he took it all in his (little) stride. The concrete jungle is a fun change, but what we had really been missing is little bit of grass and some doggy buddies to play with. My friend told me that just aound the corner is Ozono, a pet mall which is a custom made park for dogs in Bangkok!

Harro grew up in suburbia so he’s used to being on a lead and in busy places. He happily trots along Bangkok’s pavements with me, dodging motorcyclists and pot holes, sniffing everything he can. One thing we really do miss the UK for though, is doggy friends. In Bangkok, and indeed Thailand in general, pet dogs are not allowed in any of the public parks (although the soi dogs cannot be stopped). Instead though, there are a few pet friendly outdoor malls which welcome dogs, and you and your pooch can hang out with like minded individuals over a coffee or lunch. 

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Ozono dog park







We got there just afetr 10 am, and were pleased to see a few dogs running around off the lead whilst their owners sat with reading papers and drinking coffee (you need to be able to control your dog with voice commands to be allowed off the lead). There was a westie, a few shiz-tzus and a beautiful italian greyhound. It was brilliant to be able to socialise with other friendly pets, Harro had definitely been missing this! He sniffed them, they sniffed him, he wee-ed, they wee-ed, the usual doggie antics. Mr and my brother had come with, albeit more for breakfast than any dog-related activities, however none of the cafes open until 11. All the regulars bring their coffee with! So the men sat in the shade, whilst I went for a wander with H. 

Petropolitan dog hotel Bangkok

Down the far end of the lawn, I could see lots of small dogs running around. Harro was engulfed by a wave of fur and noses, and at first he was ears-back-and nervous, but soon relaxed and enjoyed the company. Some of the dogs were born lap dogs, and made a beeline for people’s attention. My brother was stalked by the cute white pom pictured above. It was hilarious to see this little cube of fur waddling over to him…

The dogs had come from the Petropolitan hotel. On this particular day they had 35 dogs in residence; some lived here (as they belong to the owner), some are for sale and some boarding. The owner, and one of the founders of Ozono, is a lovely Japanese chap. He was sat outside and perked up when he saw Harro – he already knew the breed as he had a powderpuff hiding behind his legs. He then said, I have a hairless too, wanna meet him? So out comes nude-ee! He is a grey, the same as Harro, he’s just darker as he’s been in the sun a lot more! Nude-ee only ever grew hair in a small patch on the top of his head. They kept waiting for more to appear, but it never did! He’s pretty nervous, which is common for the breed, although he did decide to claim me by peeing on the hem of my skirt (I’m honoured- I think)? See him below chatting with a pomeranian… (we couldn’t Harro and Nude-ee to stand next to each other).


The Petropolitan boards dogs for 400-500 baht a night including food. It must be a nice life for the ones who live here, with their own garden and constant stream of friends! Cat societe is the cat equivilant, sorry, no idea of prices! Doggie Bag is a boutique and bakery for dogs, and there is a dog salon next door called Aqua Dog (they have some super cute photos on their FB site)! The biggest part of mall is Petropolis, a private dog park with amazing garden for your dog to explore. It is annual membership only, so we couldn’t go inside, but from the gate you can see hills, trees and tunnels…I couldn’t for the life of me find any website for them!

All retailers at Ozono have a pet friendly policy, so your pooch is allowed in to help you pick out a dress, wash the car or even wax your legs! This goes for the restaurants too; we went to Dog Rocks which offers breakfast as well as Thai food, sodas, coffee and wifi. Lamune, which is down the far end, offers a bigger selection of Thai food. A full listing of shops is on the main Ozono site, and there’s plenty of parking too. There are a couple of empty shops which is a shame, but then it’s good to have new places open! 

So, ironically, whilst I wouldn’t describe Bangkok as pet friendly in any way, there are places specially designed for you and your dog! The best thing about Ozono was the abundance of little, friendly dogs for Harro to run around with. Just be warned it can be dangerous, this little teacup yorkie nearly came home with us!

Dog friendly park bangkok

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