Second hand market in Chiang Mai

If you like a car boot sale or flea market, or maybe you’re just looking for something a bit different to do at the weekend, this might fit the bill! There’s a bustling second hand market in Chiang Mai every Saturday and Sunday.  It’s held on Bumrungrat Road next to Princes College mostly, however some weekends it grows a little and extends down some of the sois (lanes).

This markets is known as Kad Lang Prince, and is not as big as the walking streets, (I can almost hear the menfolk’s collective sigh of relief)! However where many markets offer very similar fare, the content on sale sets this one apart. The locals come here to sell their second hand goods with some bringing everything they have to sell, and some specialising in certain things. It’s not as well known as other markets and as a result it’s less crowded, with very few tourists. 

bik gui

Stalls were selling silver and brass tea sets, golf clubs and bags, antiques, denim jackets and jeans, vinyl records, shoes, clothes, furniture, old cameras, amulets and intricate wood carvings, bits of plumbing, jewellery, boat motors, bicycles and even original gramophones! It goes without saying food and drinks stalls were plentiful to ensure shoppers didn’t have to walk far for a cool drink or snack.

This market is held between Rattanakosin and Kaew Nawarat Roads. These are over the Ping river from the old city, but quite close to get to. If you head over the Ping Bridge you will be on Kaew Nawarat Road, keep going and you will see Princes College on your left. A little further on and the market appears on your left – it’s off the road so you’re likely to see lots of motorcycles and bikes parked rather than the market itself.

It’s worth taking an hour or two to browse and wander around. If you’re peckish you can head to one of the many Khao Soy shops, this area is reknown for the curried noodle dish typical to Chiang Mai. Another option is to head to Bake and Bite bakery, just a short stroll away.

flea market Chiang mai

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