Street food in Sukhumvit, Bangkok

There are lots of individual street food carts in Bangkok. Many have established spots and locals know exactly where to find their favourite dish. However if you’re not quite sure what you fancy, there is a whole range of genuine street food in Sukhumvit soi 38! This soi has a great selection and there has been a food market on this spot for decades. If you need any proof its popularity and quality, just look around and you will see Bangkokians from all walks of life coming here to eat.


Of course you can eat inside any of the big shopping malls shiny food courts for next to nothing, but what you miss out on here is the fun market atmosphere. There are lots of street food areas in BK, but this one is super easy to get to. It’s also in a very up town area –houses further down the same road are HUGE. If you are driving you can park further down this street and you’ll see some nice little bars popping up along there too.

To get to here, take the BTS (skytrain) Sukhumvit line to Thonglor station and go out for exit 4.  You get a great view of the soi as you cross on the skytrain bridge.  You can see steaming noodles, fresh fruit shakes and the classic anything-on-a-stick BBQ stalls, just don’t make any hasty decisions before you’ve checked out everything on offer!

soi 38 roast duck

In the first alley to the right is an award winning Pad Thai stall, they’re always too busy for us to wait!  Also there is a fried oyster guy, seafood lady, bibimap (korean rice, meat and vegetables in a pot) lady, mango sticky rice stall (70baht), and stick BBQ. Further down on the right is a restaurant / food court with multiple stalls and fruit smoothie lady out the front. The seats are bright blue, you cant miss it. There’s a toilet out the back of this mini food court which is clean, however you have to be a seated customer to use it. Tables can be served dishes by any of the stalls out front, including the fruit shake lady.  We went for roast duck wanton noodle soup (50 baht) and a smoothie (35 baht)- Yum!

Sukhumvit Soi 38 is a dinner only affair, with the carts pitching up from 6pm onwards. You might not get a seat at all stalls, and if you’re unsure what to eat, good advice is to follow the locals……

soi38 noodle soup