Volcano – a dessert explosion!

This post comes with a health warning – those of you with lesser willpower would be well advised not to read on, nor visit this place…The volcano toast is a cafe serving up the Japanese dessert called shabuya toast, which is like a very light sponge, toasted and crisp on the outside and fluffy inside! It’s very very popular all over Thailand.

As you will know by now, there are lots of options for dessert in Chiang Mai – and you are definitely not restricted to one restaurant for all your courses! So far all of our guests who have tried it have been smitten – and Mr I-don’t-really-like-desserts is always suggesting we pop in. One branch is on our local street food road and it’s almost too convenient! Our saving grace is that because cannot eat it I have the willpower to resist! 


Toast Chiang mai






It’s so good that I’ve used the Volcano to cheer Mr up: In the new year we went for a meal at a restaurant which was meant to be lovely, however we were very disappointed by it. I guess that one really bad restaurant in, like, five months, is pretty good odds really. It shall remains nameless as I’ve decided not to write bad reviews, I just don’t see the need. If we go somewhere and it’s good, it gets a review. If we go somewhere and it’s bad, we just never go back there. Ever. This was one of those times. The service was grumpy, and the food so tasteless that we hardly touched it.

So on the way home, to cheer Mr up, I suggested a volcano, and his face lit up. The menu is a create-your-own one, so you can create your very own dessert with toast, ice cream, toppings and sauces. Mr’s favourite combination is the French Toast, with sweet milk, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Sometimes he goes all out and has caramel sauce too.  The french toast has cornflakes crumbled onto it, which apparently is the making of the whole thing. Yes, I know that toast and cornflakes must all be sounding very breakfasty to UK ears, however we always look to see what the locals eat, and this is it!! If you’re around and looking for a treat, Volcano is a definitely worth a try!

There are two locations in Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Uni is open 11am – 11pm, Nim City branch is open 10am -10pm. See their website for phone numbers maps and more (I’ve used the Suthep Road, or Chiang Mai Uni location in my map). 

The volcano