Isaan Thai restaurant, Bangkok

If you are in Bangkok and keen to try Isaan food, I may have just to the place for you! Baan Isan Mueng Yot is a local place with authentic Isaan flavour on Sukhumvit soi 31. Classic dishes like laarb mu (minced pork salad), som tam (papaya salad), gai yarng (barbequed chicken) are served up to scores of hungry regulars.

This restaurant is always packed to the extent that I’ve never sat in the actual restaurant! The main seating area is simple with wooden tables, however we usually just about manage to grab a table next door, in the overflow area! This side is definitely more spit and sawdust, metal tables and practically no air con, I think you can book but we never plan that far ahead!

isan grilled fish

 Isaan Thai is food typical to the Isaan, or North-Eastern Province of Thailand. If you haven’t come across it before then you’re in for a treat! Many of the Thais we know say that they could eat Isaan food everyday and not get bored.

Every dish we’ve eaten here has been great, however I’m told that this place is known for two things in particular: the house specialties are gai yarng – which is marinated and barbeque chicken, cooked to perfection and completely delicious! There’s also the salted, grilled tilapia which you can see being cooked outside, I’m sure they use the smell to draw people in! Inside the crisped salted skin, the fish is sweet and succulent and amazingly good. Both dishes sell out so come early!

Prices were cheap and the portions are Thai (small to westerners). However this is a Thai meal so you should do dinner the Thai style – order several dishes for the table and try lots of things!

isaan sun dried pork

A good selection for two hungry people would include: Grilled pork neck, laarb mu (spicy minced pork salad) sun dried pork (er yes, there seems to be a bit a of a theme here), somtam (spicy papaya salad), bbq chicken and sticky rice. For bigger parties add the salted grilled fish and maybe spicy pork ribs soup!

Baan Isan Mueng Yot is open from 6pm daily. To get here grab a taxi to Sukhumvit 31 (also known as soi sawadee). This soi between BTS Sukhumvit line stations Asoke and Phom Phrong, it’s about a 20 minute walk from either station.   

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