Dog friendly hotel Khao Kho

We took the dog with us to Khao Kho (well, he’s not old enough to stay home alone). It seems there is only one dog friendly hotel on the mountain, Poocome Resort, so we booked in. As we were on a road trip we booked the biggest option, the 4 person villa.

We have friends who visit Petchabun every week for work, and having asked every hotel they could, they found no other places in Khao Kho that accepted dogs. So I found Poocone resort on agoda (well, I actually found it on and another site which currently escapes me, but Agoda was cheapest). Luckily it was in the right spot, not actually on Khao Kho but Phu Kaew near to the Imperial Phu Kaew were my Dad had elected to stay. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the funny names, Phu means hill in Thai, Phu Kaew means green hill.

dog friendly Khao Kho

Being in the mountains, most of the hotels seem to be perched on the side of a hill in order to get great views. Unfortunately this hotel was at the bottom of a hill too steep for our luxury mini-coach to climb, let alone people with bags! The incline wasn’t mentioned anywhere on the hotel details, and I would definitely say this villa is actually only suitable for energetic people who can trek up a steep hill with your bags. So the others stayed at the Imperial instead. The plus side of said hill was that the Poocome did have quite amazing views (if you could muster the will to climb to the viewpoint that is)!

The villa itself was as described, but tired and in need of updating. It had a kitchen, yes, but one without any plates, cups, cutlery or cooking equipment (other than an ancient stove top kettle). So more of a decorative feature then! The fridge-freezer worked and was stuffed full of bottles of water which was helpful. The beds were ok, with odd vinyl headboards. The lounge was ok apart from the sofas were covered in vinyl. I’d just like to stop and ask why here. Is it not hot and sticky enough without the added squeaky sensation of vinyl on sweaty legs!  Luckily there was lots to see so we didn’t spend anytime here other than sleeping. Oh, and the TV was all Thai channels.

I think, having looked around the place, we would have been better to book a smaller villa (see below). These were much newer, on flat round and generally nicer looking (see below). We didn’t eat at the hotel restaurant so no comments there. And we were the only guests in the place – in fact we felt like the only people on the mountain! This was more a reflection of going the week after SongKhran (Thai New Year) than anything else.

Khao Kho is really lovely, but you have to have your own transport, and there are nicer places to stay if you don’t bring a dog! 

Poocome Khao Kho