Return to Chiang Mai

We’ve returned to Chiang Mai, and it’s really good to be back!

We left two months ago because smoky season made Mr so ill that he declared that Chiang Mai was trying to kill him. We ventured to Bangkok, then Pattaya to see friends, then further along the Eastern coast of Thailand. We were on holiday, but also keeping an eye out for potential places to live, if CM wasn’t for us. 

We found sleepy beach towns and enjoyed being near the sea again. Throwing ball for the dog. Lazing in the shade of a palm tree. Watching the sunsets turn the sky pink and orange and purple. Taking a stroll after dinner on the deserted beach. 

We found crazy busy cities, with all the man made entertainment you could ever want. Shopping in comfortably air conditioned mega malls. Eating out at every sort of restaurant you could ever wish for. Taxi’s that use the meter! Seeing Pattayas infamous ‘walking street’. 

These were two extremes, perhaps. And by the end of our holiday we were really looking forward to coming back to CM, where we have a good balance around us. There’s the city if you want shopping, drinking and the hub bub of people everywhere. There are quaint cafes and restaurants in local spots if you feel like relaxing. And if you crave getting away from it all, then the mountains, forest and river are just 15 minutes away. We’re going to spend some more time doing touristy things again, to explore a little more and remind ourselves why we moved here in the first place.

We won’t stay here again during smokey season. We tried it and really didn’t like it. It was much worse than we imagined. Many residents leave in March and return in May like we did. But at the end of the day, there are worse things than being made to go on holiday for two months, right?

Maybe a little time away does you good. It’s gives some perspective, and helps remind you to appreciate what you’ve got.