Camera repairs Chiang Mai

What do you do when all of a sudden your beloved, (and probably expensive) camera stops working? This happened to me, one day buttons just stopped doing the things they were meant to do! I’ve no idea what happened, but I knew it needed professional help. So we went to  Denchai just north of Chiang Mai old city and hoped for the best.

denchai camera chiang maiDenchai is a huge store selling cameras, lighting, tripods, film, paper and all manner of other things. They also have a service department which is where we were headed. The shy girl behind the counter took our details, and stuck labels on each different part, battery, lens and camera itself, to ensure everything was noted on our service ticket. They said 2 – 3 days for their engineers to review it, and they will call us then. If they cannot fix it on site they will send to the relevant manufacturer in Bangkok, but they would still call to let us know. 

So we left and hoped for a quick resolution, especially since we were travelling in 2 days! So 2 days later they called advising it was all done and ready to collect. We headed to the store, swapped our ticket for a fully functional camera and paid a bill of 1220 baht.

Admittedly I have no other experience of camera repairs, but I was pretty pleased with the speedy service and cost! I’ve heard of other photo shops who do repairs, however I only write about the places I’ve used personally. 

Denchai is located just north of the old city of Chiang Mai and easy to find. Looking at a map of the city, at the top right corner of the old city, take the first left which is directly due north, then follow until traffic lights. Turn left and you will soon see the big Denchai store on your right. Open hours are Monday – Saturday 08:30 – 18:30

camera repairs Chiang Mai