Critters in the garden!

The rain brings spring, and along with all the plants blooming, it’s also time for animals, bugs and other critters to make babies. And they are everywhere – you have to watch where you step! Little tiny running lizards which you can;t see until they run are just 6 cms from nose to the tip of their tail. They look so delicate that I’m always surprised by their speed waddle – a mad-dash of flailing skinny legs. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of these guys as they are just too fast. Instead here is a collection of critters from in and around our house and garden, welcome to the wonderful world of the tropical garden!

large black antbanana spider

Ok, so ants aren’t that exotic, but due to the sheer number of them that we have here, I cannot miss them out! Above is a large black ant, about 1.5 cm long, these are feisty and rear up onto their hind legs if you blow on them. Next is a (small) banana spider that was making a web in a tree near the balcony.  

The below is a little guy with a glowing section in his tail. (Apologies for the bad photography, he wouldn’t stay still for me)! We had a spell of these, they look like a cross between a beetle and a woodlouse, but with a glowing bum!



Next is an odd looking chap. He was about 6cm long and I nearly trod on him opening our gate the one night. We had no idea what it was, other than it looked like a remote control scorpion (see the front pincers and long straight tail like an antenna)? It’s common Thai name is stinking scorpion, and it’s real name is a vinegaroon. When we saw it it moved like a spider, which is because it is one (explains why I got shivers looking at it)! It’s not poisonous but they squirt vinegar out of their tails and the acid is strong enough to eat through cockroaches shells.


And the last two are my favourites – I never get tired of watching geckos! First is a baby spotted house gecko, he is only about 2 cms nose to tip of his tail! You can see tiny claws on his tiny fingers (er, I’m not sure if they are fingers but you know what I mean).


And last but not least, the baby Tokay gecko. Mr captured this little guy and held him hostage until I came home so I could see him. He was about 15 cms long, nose to tail tip, and super angry! Once released, he didn’t run of, but turned around to face his tormentor (Mr), and showing off his teeth in warning. We think we’ve seen him again and he’s waaaaay bigger. Let’s hope he doesn’t harbour grudges…..