How to get to Baan Kang Wat

Baan Kang Wat is a quirky craft village in Chiang Mai. I’ve written about Baan Kang Wat before here, but this post is specifically on how to get here, as it’s really not very well known to Chiang Mai’s bus and tuk tuk drivers yet! 

baan kang wat craftBaan Kang Wat is located in just outside Chiang Mai old city in an area called Suthep, on a road with no name (as far as maps go)! Recently new soi signs have been put up on the lanes off the road, but still no clue as to the road name itself! If you want to get here but your driver doesn’t know how, it’s near the back gate of a pretty famous temple called Wat Ram Poeng.

Speak a little Thai – Ignore the spelling (which is misleading to western minds and mouths) and pronounce ‘what lumm purng’. The l on lumm is a cross between a western r and l sound, some Thais’ may even roll it. Any driver will probably frown at you, then, smile once they realise you’re trying to speak Thai – even if they don’t understand you they will appreciate the effort! You also need to make it clear that you want to go to the back gate of the temple, by saying ‘khang lang’ which means behind. Tones give words different meanings in Thai, so keep yours level when saying this. Try not to raise your tone at the end of the sentence (like you would when asking a question in English) as they will not understand you! 


Maps – Wat Ram Poeng comes up on google maps so smart phone users can use this for GPS navigation. For a hand drawn map in Thai then this little one from the jibberish shop is pretty good, although it really directs you in from south rather than the city…

If coming from the old city, you will likely come south down the canal road (121). You want to turn right at the first set of lights, signposted Wat Umong. Then head south following this soi which runs roughly parallel to the 121. Keep on this road until you see a cafe called Yellow Mango on your right, it is a big bright yellow building set back from the road, with a big yellow sign in English right by the road. Baan kang wat is on the right right next door to Yellow Mango (well, apart from a field /car park).

If catching a red pick up bus or tuk tuk, it may be worth asking them to wait and do a return trip, as this road is not busy with buses and you could be waiting a while…

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