Thai visa 90 day reporting Bangkok

A requirement of a yearly visa for Thailand is that you have to check in every 90 days and let immigration know where you are. This is referred to as 90 day reporting and this post is about how to do your 90 day reporting in Bangkok in 10 minutes! 

The 90 reporting date is counted from the date your visa was stamped. You can report up to 15 days before or 7 days after, but any later than that and you will be a fined at least 2000 baht.

In early 2015 Thai immigration released an online system to report, however we tried it and could not complete it.  It just re-directed us to call our local immigration office! Next time maybe….To access the online system, open windows explorer (it doesn’t work in any other browser) and go to the 90 day reporting page of the Thai immigration, scroll to the bottom and click the link. And good luck to you…

You can report in person at an immigration office, here’s what to take with you:

  • Your passport
  • Your last notification slip (original)
  • A completed TM47 form (download from the Thai immigration forms site)
  • No fee required.

Now you usually would do this wherever you live, but we happened to be in Bangkok at the time it was due. Having visited the massive Chaeng Wattana complex before, we were not looking forward to queuing up again. Then I found out about the immigration office in the Imperial World offices on Lat phrao road.

This office seems to be primarily for burmese, Laos and workers from other neighbouring countries to do 90 day reporting, as there are 10 windows labelled just for these countries. But at the far right end, there are two windows for anyone not from these countries – which was not many at all. There was only one person in front of us, having arrived after the office had been open for 15 minutes. We waited 5 minutes, were called and were out again in 10 minutes! Amazing.

To get to this office, go to Imperial World office on Lat Phrao. Just look for a massive Big C, and the Thai immigration office is on the 5th floor. There are lifts inside or if you are driving park you can park on the 5th floor of the car park. The office is open 10:30 – 18:30 and we arrived at 10:45 and for our window there was no queue!

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