Cherng Doi roast chicken, Nimman

We’ve lived in Thailand for just over a year now. It’s gone pretty fast – I’m sure time must be speeding up…. We’ve had a few visitors over, and currently my cousin is here. We had to take them somewhere great for there first meal in Chiang Mai, so we turned to Doi Cherng roast chicken in nimman, a small but consistently delicious place just off Nimman.

If you are new to Thai food and you want a meal to ease you in then this is the place for you. The menu is big enough to cover most tastes, and small enough to ensure every dish is great! There are zingy fresh Thai salads, and many variations of Somtam (papaya salad). We are fans of the cucumber salad, corn salad and somtam (of course) pictured below. The salads are dressed in a freshly made Thai dressing, which traditionally involves chilli and can be very hot. However if you ask for not hot it comes out with just a tickle of chilli, palatable for those not used to chilli!

Prices are Thai, so 50 baht for a meat dish, 40 for salads and 10 for sticky rice. For an average person, I would say order a grilled meat dish, salad and sticky rice each – if you run out you can always order more! We had a meal for 4 with extra dishes which came to 480 baht. 


The first dish on the menu is Cherng Doi’s signature grilled chicken (main picture). It’s marinated and grilled until the skin goes crispy, and served with a sweet sour tamarind dip on the side. The grilled pork shoulder is also very good, and the portion sizes are Thai so we can order both! Below is a chicken salad, which was a cross between somtam and grilled chicken, just on one plate.  


The other signature dishes are larb and fried somtam, both pictured below. I have to say I was sceptical about the fried somtam – I wasn’t sure how the original could be improved upon, especially by frying, but it didn’t last long after it came out! It’s basically somtam, battered and fried, which you then drizzle with dressing. It’s pretty unusual and very good indeed – the boys ate it before I could even get a proper photo!


Larb is a minced pork or chicken salad, with fresh mint, coriander, chilli and lots of lime. It’s usually a very hot dish in Thailand, and a staple in many restaurants. Mr adores this salad, it was one of the first thing he ever ate here, and for him the hotter the better. I can eat fairly hot food, however I prefer a balance in my food. equal heat and taste is great, having lips like you just kissed a frying pan and sweating so much you can’t see is definitely, not. 


You will find Cherng doi chicken off Nimmamheamin on sukkasem road which is on the west side of the road between sois 2 and 4. There is parking on the road and Cherng doi’s open hours are Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 10pm.