lunch @Home, baan kang wat

@ Home is a superb little lunch spot tucked away in Baan kang wat artists village. It’s a family affair offering a delicious home cooked all you can eat buffet of Kanom jeen (noodles), 5 different curries plus all the usual bits, as well as Thai puddings. For the price of 69 baht per person you really have to try it!

So, first up, what will you be eating? Khanom jeen is a fresh Thai noodle, made from rice. They are white and soft, and can seen in most fresh markets, coiled up in little baskets and ready to eat. These noodles are traditionally eaten with curries, soups or fresh chilli dips, depending on what region of Thailand you are in.

@home kanom jeen

It’s usual to eat the kanom jeen noodles with pickled and fresh vegetables. As you can see above the selection you can choose from includes pickled mustard greens, cucumber, bean sprouts, green beans, sweet basil, coriander, crunchy fried garlic, white cabbage and lime. 

Lunch @ baan kang wat

There are five curries on offer each day, and I’m sure they sometime vary but you can usually find; (red curry with pork ribs and tomatoes), gang keaw wan gai (green chicken and baby aubergines), fish curry and Nam prik wan (a mild and sweet peanut curry). 

If you still have room, desserts often include bananas in coconut milk and pumpkin in coconut milk. I have also seen grass jelly (black jelly made from bamboo charcoal served with milk) and layered jelly. Don’t worry if you’ve not tried any of these before, a buffet is the perfect place to try just a little taste!

lunch @home

For more directions see how to get to Baan kang wat.