Straw market street food Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai night bazaar is an institution. It’s a street over flowing with stalls, hawkers, tourists and touts. Of course such a popular street has attracted all the international fast food chains, and they are packed every night. But I suspect most would prefer something a little nicer, right? Ease yourself into street food at the Straw market, with plenty of tasty international options everyone will be happy!

Straw market korean food

As you know, Mr and I LOVE Thai food. We love the flavours, the freshness and of course the price. But you can get too much of a good thing, and it’s nice to have a change every now and again. We often eat street food near our home, we’re lucy enough to have a very big street food area around the corner, and whilst there are lots of Thai food stalls, there are more and more other options too. The things Thai’s love to eat seem to be – waffles, burgers, steaks with salad and yoghurt with toppings (think cereal, fruit etc, kinda a sundae but with yoghurt).

street food nigh bazaar

There are some particularly well known stalls around Chiang Mai. When one of our favourites, The Steak, disappeared from it’s regular spot, we were forlorn. They did a little steak with salad and about 7 chips for 40 baht (80p) and it was really quite good – there was always a queue for a table, surely they couldn’t have gone out of business? Another is Burger Box, this one is more of a nomadic stall which pops up in different spots around the town and that too always has a queue. Then we visited the Straw Market, and lo and behold they had both taken up residence here!


Stalls include Juice street – fresh juices and smoothies, The steak, as described above, Cowboy satay which is gigantic grilled chicken satay, baked potatoes and corn, Il gusto pizza, a korean stall, a sashimi stall, a crepe stall, Japanese hot food stall, milk shake stall, Indian curry and barbeque stall, Mexican burrito stall, cocktail bar and two Thai stalls which do pretty much every usual Thai dish. Burger Box often sells out first, closely followed by the burrito lady and the Japanese katsu lady. If you go after 9pm, there will probably be less options available!


I had to include this picture, because this is a good pizza. The kind with a crispy thin base and proper tomato sauce (for those who don’t know, many Italian dishes here have too-sweet tomato sauce – yuk. And the pizza are on sweet bread, also yuk)! This was Mr’s choice, (obviously) and he was very pleased indeed. Although he did say there were far too many vegetables on the vegi side….


The straw market is located off the West side (right hand side if you were driving) of Chang Klan road, which is the one-way road the night bazaar is on. The stall start setting up at 6pm each night, although they may not be ready to serve right away.  

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