Student market Chiang Mai

Malin Plaza is a busy student market in Chiang Mai known for cheap clothes and food. It’s open every night from 6pm, perfect for avoiding the daytime heat and still getting a spot of shopping done! Stop by for fashion, electronic goods, second hand clothes, quirky hats, plants, shoes and more, all at student prices!

Whilst Asian fashion may not be your thing, Malin Plaza has something for everyone. This is a good place to buy quirky gifts, rather than ones with ‘I love Thailand’ emblazoned across them. T-shirt stalls do cater for western sizes, with L and LL’s available, it’s not all teeny tiny Asian stuff. As with any Thai market there’s a great range of stalls, with lots of original designs to choose from. T shirts from 100 baht.

Night market Chiang mai

Are you over shopping? How about a snack then? The first challange is finding a table. The usual rule of thumb doesn’t apply here, because most places are packed. Students are always broke, so the prices are really, really REALLY good. And if a stall doesn’t serve good food, it won’t survive long because no one will go back! Once you walk through the stalls towards the back of the market, there are restaurants down  one side and all along the back. Most have designated tables in front, so if it’s full, just wait for someone to leave! We (three western appetites) went to one of the Thai places and had 5 dishes with rice, for 125 baht!! Amazing. 


If Japanese is your thing, there’s a large place near the front of the market called Yatai Sushi Ramen. It’s menu is huge, with ramen, katsu, bento meals, sushi and all the extras. A bento box meal goes from 149, a katsu curry set 89 baht. 

As for dessert you can choose from ice cream, toast, waffles, smoothies, crepes, roti, and the usual Thai desserts. Monster ice cream, as pictured below, does amusing ice cream such as the one with a pipette full of sauce (er, in hindsight a good idea in theory, but messy in practice) or a storm cloud version which comes with a lightening and a purple candy-floss storm cloud!

malin plaza Chiang Mai

This market is located on Huay Kaew Road, which is the road running left from the top left hand corner of the old city, as you look at a map. This is the road that leads to the zoo and up to Doi Suthep, so chance are you’ll be here at some point! The market actually has two locations, both on the north side of the road, and there are stalls along the main road inbetween so you can find your way to each. Car parks are available at both sites, moped parking on the road.