A little bakery

Care Free Bakery was launched Sunday, to a small but appreciative crowd at our local Morning market. I’m making gluten free and vegan cakes and bake at home mixes. I know it can be tricky baking this way if you’re not used to it, so I’m seeing if there’s a demand!

Chiang Mai Gluten free vegan cake

At the end of our road is Baan Kang Wat artists village and they hold all sorts of outdoor events throughout the cool season (otherwise it’s too rainy or hot). The latest is a Sunday morning market, where local food companies can have a stall to sell their wares. It’s only on it’s third week, but already there is a regular crowd popping along each week. 

Outdoor markets are really popular and there are lots to choose from in Chiang Mai (and most likely the whole of Thailand). All the vendors are local and include fresh organic fruit and veg, organic jams, Italian food, smokehouse stuff (meat), organic milk and yoghurts, fresh no-sugar juices, drip coffee (for the patient), almond milk, kombucha, goats cheese and of course bread and sweet treats. 

vegan gluten free cake chiang mai

I’m not aware of a gluten free vegan bakery in Thailand – otherwise I would be eating there! This has obviously meant a lot of baking in the house recently. Because I want to make bake at home mixes all my cakes need to be able to be converted into a simple bake at home mix. So I’ve been taking my most trusted recipes, and slowly converting them. Some work really well, some fail in spectacular fashion! Only cakes that taste amazing make it onto the stall, and I’m pretty picky. 

Brownies have firmly established themselves in Thailand, however they are often super-dry whereas I prefer a gooey, squidgy version. These sold out and got great feedback (despite neither of those adjectives translating into Thai)!! Granola bars also sold out- this is pretty much my go to option for breakfast as it turns out, lots of others too. I’m wondering what other classics might go down well…

vegan gluten free bakery Thailand

All in all I was surprised to meet so many gluten intolerant folk, it’s becoming more recognised and therefore more commonly diagnosed. There were a lot of vegans too, and whilst veganism is well known and restaurants cater to it, they don’t get great cake. Many were super excited once they realised they could eat everything on the stall! It seems project ‘Gluten free vegan bakery Thailand’ is off to a good start.

So, the things I learned this week is that I need signs (I was running late), tongs (many people don’t want to touch cake?) and a wider Thai vocabulary with regards to baking! Ok, a few things to work on then….Oh, and maybe a Lemon polenta cake, yes, I think that will work nicely…

If you’re on Facebook, you can help me by liking Care Free Bakery – Free cake to supporters! Unfortunately I cannot offer free cake to those of you who aren’t local…will pictures do instead??? Or does that just make it worse…..