Yoga yes, Meditation no.

It might surprise you to hear that I like exercise. I like it so much that I cycle 30 mins to and from class, in the tropics, and at lunchtime. This certainly surprises me! 

I tried yoga years ago, however my inflexibility and impatience ensured I got frustrated and bored quickly. I never could touch my toes in gymnastics at school.  Then about 4 years ago a friend convinced me to give it another go after work one night. Well, it was hot yoga during mid-winter in the UK. The worst thing that could happen would be me lying on a mat in a toasty-warm 38C room. The idea of heating the room is to re-create the climate of India so the body is more flexible – and just the perfect incentive for someone like me who just spent all day freezing in the office!

I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the class. And the next day, the spaces between my ribs hurt so much I couldn’t help but wince every time I moved!!! I started going regularly, and bit by bit felt the benefit of regular practise. And I looked forward to classes, which really was a first. Unlike the ridiculous arm-waving aerobics classes, or testosterone soaked kickboxing with 28 fully grown men. I like exercise. What a revelation. 

At the end of each class, you usually have a little rest – bliss! To start with I used to regularly doze off during this part – waking up when the teacher gently started gathering our attention. Some teachers used to do a guided meditation at the end of class, but I didn’t enjoy this as I couldn’t (and still can’t) do meditation. I just used to sit quietly and mentally organise stuff. I know! I know! That is precisely the opposite of what was intended! 

Practising patience and not desiring something too much is also a part of yoga. Perfect. So for now I can work on that instead…