4 nights in Krabi

When you think of Thailand’s beaches, what do you picture? If you see soft white sand edged with palm trees and turquoise seas dotted with tall, rocky islands and long tail boats, you are probably thinking of Krabi.

Krabi (pronounced grab-bee) is a Southern province with a stunning coastline. The Andaman sea here is a serene bluey-green, changing in tone where it meets mangrove forest or bright white beaches. The iconic limestone karst mountains look to me like a giant has repeatedly poked it’s fingers up through the earth, leaving behind these craggy lumps. Although impossibly steep, trees manage to cling to the sides and one even has a temple perched on the very top!

Krabi beach break

4 nights in Krabi is just right to soak up some sun and see the islands. We love living in the north of Thailand surrounded by mountains but prior to this we spent most of our lives by the sea, so it always great to return to the seaside! We left the dog at home in Chiang Mai for this trip with visiting relatives who kindly offered to dog-sit. It’s far too hot on the beach for a naked dog and being stuck in a hotel room is no fun for anyone!  

We opted to stay in Krabi town rather than at a beach resort, because we wanted to do day trips to different places rather than stay on one beach. Being the provincial capital, Krabi town is a bustling town of trade not reliant solely on tourism like other beach towns. As a result it’s got great transport to anywhere and the food is really good. Sometimes in tourist spots you can find the food is below average (or if bad you are really unlucky) but not the case here. The Thai food, western food and market food was all good quality with plenty of choice. 

4 nights in Krabi

There is also a lot of choice of hostels and guesthouses, and we decided to go midrange and stay at the Dee Andaman hotel. It’s about a 15 min walk into town (or 20 along the pretty riverfront) with big clean rooms, comfy beds, a good breakfast selection and smiley helpful staff. They also ran a shuttle into town which is particularly good when your legs hurt, as they are likely to (more on that later). The thing that swung this hotel for us was it also one of the few in town with a decent sized outdoor pool and deck, perfect for relaxing. The cost via Agoda was 1600b for a superior double including breakfast for two. 

Four days may not sound a lot, but with a few day trips it really felt like we were there longer. I really recommend exploring the many national parks in the area – both marine and on land. For beach bunnies out there don’t worry – there’s plenty of sun-bathing time included! Read more about mangrove forests, secluded islands, starfish and crab eating monkeys in my next posts!

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