What’s it all about, Natalie?

Apologies again friends – my slight hiatus from posting was longer than anticipated, but the good news is the break has given me my enthusiasm back to blog! So, upon returning to the electrical typewriter, I thought I should take stock and decide where I go from here. 

So, I clicked the stats button and took a look at the numbers. Do you want to know what my top posts, of all time are? I have to say I was amused at the results!! I’m not totally sure who is actually reading my blogs (I probably shouldn’t write that on here) I thought it would be my nearest and dearest, but fun facts and figures suggest otherwise (unless you all love sago and make it every week)?  Ok, here’s the top 5 staring with number 5:

I dusted off the stats to see what content I should be focusing on. This tells me it’s local shopping spots, cooking with a sweet tooth, practicalities, dog activities and local touristy knowledge. Oh well that’s much clearer then!

I recall reading somewhere that a blog should really occupy a certain niche of information. I was concerned that my scatter-gun approach was not aiding me to build followership (no, that’s not a real word, but fyi I like to make words up). For those of you that know me, I definitely would not define myself as having a specialist area of information. I’m more of a ‘ooh that looks interesting let’s go see what’s going on over there’ kinda woman. But then I guess this is more a blog about adventures in life – and specifically my adventures! So on that basis I guess it is VERY niche. I never cared too much for search engines anyways!

Anyway, the intention of this post was to say hi! And to maybe frame what readers might be reading in future blog posts. So you can expect restaurant reviews (cos there is so much yummy food around), dog friendly fun times, art (because it’s a creative city and there are lots of great openings soon) and practicalities – what is life without a little admin? And maybe some more organic gardening because it’s rainy season and everything grows amazingly right now. And craft because I think I really want to get back into watercolour. And maybe learn Japanese embroidery. And adobe building because it’s just awesome……..