Project uber shed…

We bought a field and now we need some shade to take a rest in. We also need somewhere to store tools, rather than carrying them with us each time we go to do something! We need a shed. 

I’m not too sure about wood work. In school I did the class, but a combination of lack of skill and lack of interest resulting in me making a 2D sheep. I cut it out on a jigsaw, sanded the edges into lovely smooth, sheep-like roundness. Roughly the same amount of time was spent painting said sheep and covering it in fluffy white fabric as working wood. Yeah, it was a compulsory class but at least I passed.

As much as I admire the craft of woodwork, this is one craft I am not so keen to learn. You need lots of tools in order to do a good job, not to mention actual physical strength! Many of you know I struggle with screw top bottles (I’m sure it’s something to do with the width of m palms)….So – Mr is undertaking Project Shed.

The sketch has been drawn, the materials listed, and tools bought. We are using eucalyptus round woods, because they are cheap and available locally. It’s what many locals build with (for outsidey stuff anyway). We wanted a roof to collect rainwater from, so whilst traditional Thai thatch may be cheap and full of rustic charm, it won’t collect rain very well. Instead we visited our local recycling shop and acquired second-hand tin roof for scrap value – just 20b per kilo! That’s pretty cheap. It won’t last forever, but it will definitely do for 5 years or so! For the walls Mr is using flattened bamboo which again is cheap and locally available (120b per roll) . The door will be a second hand door from our local recycled wooden house shop.  

For the initial day of building our Danish / Thai neighbours came to help install upright posts in the ground. They look like upside down concrete lollipops about 3 meters high.  And if you think that sounds large, you would be right! The sketch was done in 2m sections, the shop only had 4m lengths of wood, and you can guess what happened! We have a substantial shed…originally 12m long but reduced slightly once we worked out the up-sizing!

After this Mr has basically built the whole thing on his own, adding cross beams (yes I am making the terminology up here) then diagonal bits. Then some smaller bits for the tin roof. The bits for the gutter to fix onto, the bamboo walls and the door. It’s pretty great! I know you would like to see more pictures, however unfortunately we are having technical difficulties, so for now I’m having to post without, and will do a gallery once the option is available again (I actually wrote this post like a month ago, but I’m bored of waiting for the computer now)…

It’s been great to see our first building go up! Neither of us has built anything before, and we are learning as we go….Most Thai people employ someone else to do any physical work rather than labour out in the sun themselves!!! But for us these projects are fun and we have been looking forward to making something really useful. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bit wonky, or if a bit falls off in a years time. Because we made it ourselves, we can fix it ourselves and a little self sufficiency is just what we were looking for.