About this blog

So, how did we get here?  Having never moved further than 4 miles away from the family home, we decided to re-locate 5,764 miles away, to Thailand.  Some say bold – some say something else entirely, and I’m just seeing what happens!

I am half Thai and grew up in the UK, so I feel pretty much like a tourist here and enjoying discovering what it’s like to live in a completely different culture and way of life. We have some lovely family and friends here who help us out and share the best local knowledge with us – we’ve been to amazing places you would never find otherwise!

I started this blog to share our experiences in a new place as they happen, some funny, some practical, and, as it turns out, quite a lot about food. In a previous lifetime, sat at a desk in an office, I would day dream about what life in Thailand might be like.  I liked to fuel this by reading a couple of blogs by others who had already achieved this fantastic and distant reality (as it seemed to me at the time)! There is no substitute for experience, and being able to read about real people who share your very specific interest is the best thing (to me) about the internet!!  And I hope some of you reading might find some of our experiences as useful as we’ve found others!